“I’ve witnessed John’s process and philosophy in action and seen the incredible results even under extremely high volume ramp up of difficult products!! It’s great when someone with his vast experience shares it in a way that anyone can follow.”

~Ray Sokola, VP Technology Solutions, DTS Inc. Formerly Corporate VP and CTO Motorola

“Having been in management positions myself, I know the value that thinking outside the box can provide. In Fixing What Already Works, John Dullea and Alvaro Espinosa provide an engaging story that gets to the heart of how to turn around a business by looking at issues that exist, taking a new approach, getting everyone on the same page, inspiring teamwork, and ultimately, creating effective processes that will take the business to new levels of success.”

~Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. Owner, Superior Book Productions.  Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place

“John Dullea and Alvaro Espinosa worked tirelessly to make sure EchoStar, as one of their largest customers, had the proper team and processes in place to have one of the most operationally-efficient and cost-effective manufacturing operations of its kind.  Their commitment to customer satisfaction and the flawless manufacture of technically superior products helped EchoStar achieve award-winning status in the industry.”

~Mark Jackson, President, EchoStar Coproration

“A great read of no-nonsense advice and guidance on getting the absolute most of those things we already do and finding where and how we can do even more.”

~Hector Ruiz, Chairman, Advanced Nanotechnology solutions