About The Book

The business world continues to become more and more competitive every day.  Organizations unceasingly look for ways to improve and adapt to the volatile global environment. Many tools and methodologies are well-known and available to support improvement.  There are so many it can be difficult for a small to medium size business or organization to identify which are appropriate for its situation.

Fixing What Already Works is designed to share the experiences of two seasoned, successful, and award-winning business leaders to help show a path for smartly deploying these tools or their parts to improve operational effectiveness in businesses already doing well but needing or wanting to evolve to the next level. The book discusses and demonstrates how many of the most effective of these tools, philosophies, and methodologies have been used in part or in whole in the authors’ successes, but it focuses most on those impacting the organizational, environmental, and cultural aspects of the operations. These areas are often where the greatest challenges are faced in an established business.

The information presented in this book is aimed at helping organizations assess where and how they can improve, what tools are most appropriate depending on the organization’s maturity, and what aspects of these tools bring the greatest benefit. It also presents a roadmap process for implementation, while discussing many of the intangibles to consider along the way. Change is imminent, and controlled change is most desirable. Employing a process that unifies the organization around business critical objectives and then leverages the power of the appropriate tool or process is the best way to manage change. This “interactive organization” approach provides channels for the development of people and processes in any business environment and has been proven to be successful.

The situation presented in the book, while fictional, resembles many situations that the authors have faced in their seventy-plus-year combined careers. Each has had the challenge and opportunity to apply the tools and philosophies mentioned in the story on different scales—everything from fixing a poor performing segment of a production line to designing entire “green” facilities to operate under these principles. Our intent in writing this book is to share with the reader what we have experienced. In what it takes to make such transformations succeed, both in attitude and process; each is equally important. We have also drawn upon our personal experiences to touch upon many peripheral issues associated with such transformations all the way down to effects on personal behaviors and interactions at the individual level. This additional information helps to present a broader scope of considerations when change for improvement is implemented.

Meet The Authors


John F. Dullea

Rarely do we find individuals with the depth and composition of experience that John Dullea embodies. John has held many positions and functions in both the OEM and EMS industries. These include business development, account management, business management, operations management, manufacturing, and process and development engineering. He has played crucial executive roles in the deployment of lean concepts, automation, empowered workforces, model factories, plant expansions, and new facility design and startup in many locations around the world. John established and grew multiple new businesses and held P&L responsibilities for many others. He was deeply engaged in the early stages of the Six Sigma quality revolution and was considered a black belt even before the term was created. His talents have proven priceless in everything from alternate energy research to developing a global sales organization.

One of John’s unique characteristics is his deep and sincere appreciation for the people working with him at all levels. He has always been a team-centric manager, recognizing that it is individuals’ ability to collaborate together that is at the core of a successful enterprise. John has applied this deeply embedded principle and methodology throughout his many successes and found them effective in each of his roles. This understanding of the human persona, coupled with operations, business, and customer know how is what makes him such an effective and powerful force in targeted organizational development to improve and grow business and operational performance.

John is a father, a grandfather, and a husband of thirty-eight years. He resides in Huntsville, Alabama, where he enjoys playing music, golf, boating, and helping others to succeed through his consulting business.


Alvaro E. Espinosa

Business has become globally-driven, enabling a multilingual multicultural leader to excel. Alvaro Espinosa is just such a leader with twenty-plus years of international experience in multi-site global manufacturing, including electronics, plastics, metals, and full product integration. He has held VP and executive positions in product design, supply chain, business development, test and design engineering, operations and plant management. His tactical and strategic thinking are leveraged by an uncommon combination of hands-on engineering experience, plus sales, financial, and operations expertise. He has successfully applied his unique portfolio of skills in the areas of business development, lean operations, finance, plant startups/turnarounds/transfers, building high-performance teams, and developing relationships with strategic outsourcing partners, each with impressive results.

Alvaro’s experience has been in both the OEM and EMS industries, ranging from component manufacturing and sales to leading an $800M+ state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing enterprise. In each of these ventures, Alvaro has remained committed to his key belief that people are what makes the difference between a good business and a great enterprise. His creative methods of generating opportunities for others has resulted in the development of many of his associates into leaders in their own right. His uncanny ability to connect with people in any culture has enabled the development and deployment of tools and principles that have led many to more successful, higher value add opportunities.

Alvaro is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, and he now resides in Denver, Colorado where he is actively engaged in community support activities. He is very committed to the entrepreneurial community there and in local manufacturing initiatives. Alvaro is a dedicated father to his daughters, a gifted artist and musician, and enjoys tennis, golf, and many other outdoor activities.