About the Authors

John Dullea

Rarely do we find individuals with the depth and composition of experience that John Dullea embodies. John has held many positions and functions in both the OEM and EMS industries. These include business development, account management, business management, operations management, manufacturing, and process and development engineering. He has played crucial executive roles in the deployment of lean concepts, automation, empowered workforces, model factories, plant expansions, and new facility design and startup in many locations around the world. John established and grew multiple new businesses and held P&L responsibilities for many others. He was deeply engaged in the early stages of the Six Sigma quality revolution and was considered a black belt even before the term was created. His talents have proven priceless in everything from alternate energy research to developing a global sales organization.

Alvaro E. Espinosa

Business has become globally-driven, enabling a multilingual multicultural leader to excel. Alvaro Espinosa is just such a leader with twenty-plus years of international experience in multi-site global manufacturing, including electronics, plastics, metals, and full product integration. He has held VP and executive positions in product design, supply chain, business development, test and design engineering, operations and plant management. His tactical and strategic thinking are leveraged by an uncommon combination of hands-on engineering experience, plus sales, financial, and operations expertise. He has successfully applied his unique portfolio of skills in the areas of business development, lean operations, finance, plant startups/turnarounds/transfers, building high-performance teams, and developing relationships with strategic outsourcing partners, each with impressive results.


Ready to Fix What Already Works?


The key is in understanding what and how to improve. Fixing What Already Works is designed to answer those questions and show how proven philosophies, methods, and tools together can produce the type of systemic change many organizations are seeking to get to their next level of performance.

Readers of Fixing What Already Works will be caught up in the storyline, but more importantly, they will learn, in an entertaining and educational way, how to create the type of organizational paradigm shift necessary for success. The first portion of the book is an info-novel showing change in action and the concluding chapters analyze the story, provide additional information to assist the reader, and overall, offer invaluable advice and information. Anyone seeking new ideas for performance improvement and guidance on the structure and process of implementing change in an organization need look no further.

At last, here is the blueprint you’ve needed to achieve transformative change.

"“I’ve witnessed John’s process and philosophy in action and seen the incredible results even under extremely high volume ramp up of difficult products!! It’s great when someone with his vast experience shares it in a way that anyone can follow.”" - Ray Sokola (VP Technology Solutions, DTS Inc. Formerly Corporate VP and CTO Motorola)
"“Having been in management positions myself, I know the value that thinking outside the box can provide. In Fixing What Already Works, John Dullea and Alvaro Espinosa provide an engaging story that gets to the heart of how to turn around a business by looking at issues that exist, taking a new approach, getting everyone on the same page, inspiring teamwork, and ultimately, creating effective processes that will take the business to new levels of success.”" - Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. (Owner, Superior Book Productions. Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place)
"“John Dullea and Alvaro Espinosa worked tirelessly to make sure EchoStar, as one of their largest customers, had the proper team and processes in place to have one of the most operationally-efficient and cost-effective manufacturing operations of its kind. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and the flawless manufacture of technically superior products helped EchoStar achieve award-winning status in the industry.”" - Mark Jackson (President, EchoStar Coproration)
"“A great read of no-nonsense advice and guidance on getting the absolute most of those things we already do and finding where and how we can do even more.”" - Hector Ruiz (Chairman, Advanced Nanotechnology solutions)